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boardwalk surrounded by flowers and plants, a living shoreline

Living Shoreline Services

EGLE recommends the use of natural shoreline treatments, or bioengineering, for shoreline protection. New shoreline hardening should be avoided where alternative approaches can be used to protect property from erosion. -State of Michigan

  • residential

  • commercial

  • municipalities

  • parks & recreation

  • State of Michigan

  • U.S. Forest Service

  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife

  • U.S. National Park Service 

  • nature preserves

  • national wildlife refuges

  • DNR

*we can work in conjunction with any existing structure, such as a previously installed sea wall, to help fortify what is already there*

as certified living shoreline specialists...

we serve:

 we can help you: 

  • limit erosion

  • improve curb appeal 

  • minimize foot-traffic damage

  • identify risk areas

  • create a stream and shoreline management plan

 we provide: 

  • bio-engineering evaluation

  • customized site design

  • regulatory permitting

  • implementation of design

  • monitoring

  • maintenance 

Stormwater Management (BMPs)

stormwater runoff draining/filtering through plants, excess water runoff

Improves water quality and absorbs excess runoff flow for municipalities, public works, parks and recreation, and transportation (roads and parking lots). Living Shorelines are a type of green infrastructure and are considered a best management practice (BMP).

Rain Gardens

a blooming rain garden absorbing runoff storm water

One of the best ways to combat the problem of uncontrolled runoff and the pollution it carries is to install a rain garden, also known as a “bio-retention” best practice. 

Decks, Docks, & Boardwalks

a boardwalk deck installed by eagle shoreline protection leading through the grass front yard

 To compliment your new Living Shoreline, consider restoring, adding, or upgrading a deck or dock, kayak/canoe launch, wetland boardwalk, step-paths down to the water, fire pit, or various other land- or lake-scaping projects.

Contract Services 

  • seasonal maintenance

  • monitoring of completed projects

  • annual beach clean-up

  • emergency services (structure/trees/etc. dangerously close to the water)

  • natural disaster response (storms, floods, tornadoes, wildfires)

  • backup culvert services

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